Equinox Tattoo Collective

At Equinox Tattoo Collective and Gallery we feature quality custom tattooing services in a range of styles as well as a gallery for local artists and collective members to showcase their work for the community. Come find an artist whose style suits yours and let them help you create a custom design that will be with you for a lifetime.

About Equinox Tattoo Collective

About the Owner

The owner and lead artist at Equinox Tattoo Collective is Shelly DeAngio. She grew up in Gresham and graduated from Gresham High School in 2002. Shelly obtained a Bachelor's degree from the Art Institute of Portland, and worked successfully as a designer for seven years until 2012 before leaving the industry to pursue a passion she has long held for tattooing. After attending Forbidden School of Body Art in Portland she has worked tirelessly for three years to grow her skills and business while attending conventions and guest spots and working with students at staff at Forbidden Body Art. As a Gresham native and burgeoning tattoo artist, Shelly is excited to put down roots by founding Equinox Tattoo Collective and Gallery.

About the Studio

The artists at Equinox Tattoo Collective value positive attitudes, great artwork and hard work. We strive to create an environment at our studio that inspires our clients and artists as well as our community to those aims alongside us. We invite you to come get to know our artists and talk about your tattoo ideas with us. If we're not the right artists to handle your project, we'll help you find someone local who can help you get the tattoo you want. Equinox Tattoo Collective features five artists who are working in a wide variety of custom styles, and will feature guests artists from across the country to bring more of the best tattooing we can offer to Historic Downtown Gresham. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns- we'd be happy to hear from you.