Image of Shelly DeAngio

Shelly DeAngio

200 /hr

Shelly specializes in abstract and graphic forms of tattooing, as well as color realism and illustrations. She enjoys unusual inspirations and creating bold tattoos.

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Image of Bill Jersey

Bill Jersey

100 /hr

Resident nerd at ETC, Bill Jersey specializes in pinups, pop culture and geek chic themes in bold, bright colors. Gamers and comic book nerds rejoice!

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Image of Austin Tatious

Austin Tatious

100 /hr

A color theory specialist and former make-up artist, Austin conjures his tattoos in historic, Gothic and pop culture themes with a strong art nouveau influence.

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Image of Nathan Ji

Nathan Ji

125 /hr

Coming to us in Gresham from South Korea, Hunmin Nathan Ji focuses on Watercolor, abstract and illustrative tattooing often influenced by both current and traditional Asian culture.

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Image of Lindsey Strong

Lindsey Strong

100 /hr

Lindsey comes to us from the mountains of North Carolina and has a background in printmaking and art history. She specializes in blackwork, traditional and neo-traditional designs with a penchant for the mystical and feminine. 

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